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Jack Mondel is the type of successful businessman who was born with the tools necessary to succeed. Jack’s undergraduate studies were completed at Rider University in Trenton, New Jersey, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Marketing. As soon as he graduated from college, Jack was drawn to the world of finance, where he immediately began learning the ins and outs of the stock exchange. Marketing was still very much a part of his skillset, however, and he spent many years in that field as well.

Stocks and trading, however, have remained a passion of Jack’s throughout his career, and his ultimate objective is to establish a stock exchange that is among the greatest in the world. In addition to being a prodigy in that area, Jack Mondel has surrounded himself with equally talented individuals to help achieve this goal.

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Currently, Jack is the Co-Founder, Corporate Board Director, and Executive Vice President of Corporate Development for Miami International Technologies (MIH), which is the parent company of several subsidiaries, including the MIAX Exchange Group, which is itself comprised of MIAX Options, MIAX Pearl, and MIAX Emerald. Because of Jack’s incredible financial skills, MIH is grown immensely, now valued between $3-5 billion.  

In the role of MIH’s Corporate Development Officer, Jack Mondel collaborates closely with the Chairman and CEO on topics such as company branding, business strategy, and overall corporate affairs. But his role extends even further. Not only is Jack Mondel one of the creators of MIH and its subsidiaries, but he has also aided MIH in obtaining financing for the company’s growth and expansion over the fifteen years since its inception.

Jack Mondel has spent the last 35 years working in a number of industries, including corporate finance, mortgage banking, automobile financing, real estate, and insurance. Apart from establishing himself as a successful executive, Jack Mondel is also a horse enthusiast who enjoyed breeding and selling thoroughbreds for 35 years. He worked with 67 horses during that time, one of which was chosen to compete in the esteemed Kentucky Derby.  

Currently living in Miami, Florida, Jack enjoys taking advantage of the warm weather all year long by participating in outdoor sports such as fishing, swimming, and sailing with his family. Jack also makes the most of his leisure time by giving to his community and several local charities.

Follow Jack Mondel’s other website, JackMondel.net, to learn more about his accomplishments!

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