Throughout your career, there will be many times when you realize you have room for growth. Growth is an essential part of any career, but it does not come without facing challenges. The same goes for leadership positions. Continue reading to discover four ways to challenge yourself as a leader.

Reinvent Something in the Workplace

One of the most significant ways to challenge yourself in your leadership position is to rethink or reinvent something your team has grown so used to. Oftentimes, a leader’s growth directly contributes to their organization’s growth. Growth rarely happens by sticking to the same old way of doing things, which is why it is necessary to challenge yourself to think of new ways of doing things or new products to develop. If you’re not coming up with any ideas, begin by deconstructing your everyday tasks and brainstorming ways you could be more efficient.

Read One Book Each Month

Books have the ability to teach individuals a lot, especially if reading a book that is meant for self-growth. Although this might not be your favorite genre to read, by challenging yourself to read one of these books a month, you’ll open yourself up to meaningful pieces of advice, life stories and methods to learn more about your leadership style. Books can sometimes have more of an impact on your leadership style than your colleagues.

Take a Difficult Class

Life experience may teach you many valuable lessons to apply to your role, but there is still value in education. Whether you’ve attended college or not, there is never any harm in taking a class well into your career. There are many colleges that offer adult classes, as well as many online resources that will cost a lot less. You can challenge yourself by taking a difficult course that will grow your leadership and industry-specific skills.

Go After What Frightens You

Within your career, there is most likely an area you would like to pursue further that has always frightened you. Perhaps reading that sentence brought that item to the forefront of your brain. If you want to truly challenge yourself as a leader, you should be intentional about finally going after that task that frightens you. Maybe it’s public speaking or perhaps unveiling a bold marketing campaign. Going after these fears will develop new talents and make the tasks feel less frightening for the future.